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The existing security equipment on the human body? Original title: every day over the subway security instrument trap radiation door Nanjing experts say…… Modern express 1 hours ago, modern express (reporter Liu Weijuan Wen Jing Jing photo) yesterday, at the airport, subway security over the past, you are not a bit hesitant? Modern Express reporter learned that the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport weak photon human security instrument was accused of X ray radiation or affect health, which makes everyone has been worried about the issue of radiation safety concerns. While we are most worried about, it is a lot of resettlement in public, and X – ray security inspection instrument of high frequency of contact with their. Reporter survey of Nanjing airport’s "weak photon human security instrument" yesterday, in the WeChat circle of friends to "brush" radiation into the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport security door "post, the first reaction of many people is: Nanjing airport has no such security instrument? Modern Express reporter survey found, Nanjing airport security equipment currently used mainly X ray inspection apparatus and metal luggage check security door, not by the photon human security apparatus. So, the existing security equipment on the human body? Nanjing airport staff said that the use of the airport security instrument type and parameter information to disclose, in order to prevent the harbour evil designs of loopholes, security risks caused by. But it is certain that the use of the security instrument is in line with the provisions of the national civil aviation authority. In this regard, a civil aviation insiders joked: "passengers a year to several times the airport security ah, too much or the airport staff." According to the director of the Jiangsu Institute of metrology of ionizing radiation detection room Wang Peng, X – ray security instrument is mainly used to detect the airport baggage for passengers through the security door, and detection of metal, not emit X rays, mainly to detect passengers have to carry contraband such as metal. Nanjing Metro 121 stations to do security checks and airport security checks, the higher the frequency of contact with the subway security let us pay more attention. Yesterday, friends @ smile Tom potatoes, Post said: Nanjing subway security across the board, backpack at least 2 times a day security instrument, I would like to ask whether there will be a residual radiation on the human body harm? Is there a test certificate? Modern Express reporter learned that the use of the Nanjing subway is mainly X ray security equipment, as well as hand-held metal detectors, dangerous liquid detector. According to Wang Peng, the subway station X ray and airport security instrument, X ray emitted within the channel is used to detect the luggage luggage. The hand-held metal detector, dangerous liquid detector, when the test will not emit X rays. Wang Peng said that in mid August this year, Jiangsu Province Institute of metrology were detected on the part of the security apparatus of Nanjing city’s public places, including performance, machine graphics resolution, penetration, material resolution, leakage radiation etc.. At the beginning of the test, only 23 key stations in Nanjing subway security equipment. From the beginning of September, the 121 stations began a comprehensive security. To this end, the Nanjing subway 209 new security instrument. At present, Jiangsu Institute of Metrology相关的主题文章: