The man in the double chromosphere 5 million 220 thousand before the national first prize excited at incubus

The man in the double chromosphere 5 million 220 thousand before the national first prize excited double chromosphere award National Day had sleepless nights in October 8th before the man awake at night, the first day of the national day after the end of the holiday, the Shenzhen lottery Duijiang hall ushered in a double chromosphere first prize winner – Mr. min (a pseudonym), Mr. min is Shuangseqiu 2016114th first prize winners, with a 56 yuan red compound since the vote, won the prize more than 5 million 220 thousand yuan, a site for the Longhua new city streets Minle area 45 -3 83830026th betting station. It is understood that Mr. min from Hubei to Shenzhen, has ten years of work. All these years have to buy lottery tickets, but also buy double chromosphere. As the old lottery, Mr. min love study charts, according to chart the optional number, not love keep, and buy lottery betting is mostly red double. This was the first prize number, Mr. min praised his thought for two nights before the election, but I did not expect the award, he is lucky, lucky. The current lottery in the next morning, Mr. min through mobile phone numbers inquiry learned that he got the first prize, know the news of Mr. min was very excited, said excitedly at night can’t sleep sleep. But let Mr. min sleepless nights is awarding, since September 30th they have not the first time the next holiday coincides with the awarding, National Day, during the period of awarding, Mr. min had to carefully take care lest they lose the lottery lottery, and regret abandoning award. On the concern, Mr. min’s national day day, have sleepless nights. When Mr. min in Shenzhen welfare awarding hall formalities, the concern was faded, Mr. Min said: "now I feel at ease". Over the past ten days, Mr. Min has also been conservative the good news, not to tell anyone, so today is one over against the prize awarding, but finished, Mr. Min said the good news with the wife said, to give his wife a surprise. When asked about how to plan the money, Mr. min smiled not to good, but now for their families, on one thing will be great, is that the wife has been in poor health, medical treatment cost has let the family assume $200 thousand in debt, now has the the money to pay off the debt, follow-up costs as a guarantee of his wife. Shuangseqiu 2016114th, Shenzhen also in the two prize in the 10 note, the site for the 32 District of Baoan District Sichuan Road No. 56 3 shop No. 83023410th betting, lottery tickets for 140 yuan red compound since the vote. (in)相关的主题文章: