The nutritional value of the Fu Yuanhui field eating snake snake secret

The nutritional value of the Fu Yuanhui field eating snake snake secret recently, "the girl" Fu Yuanhui to follow "standing on the top of the food chain with wild man Baer challenge, even during the meat and drink snake blood, make a lot of friends marvel. In fact, it is not only an important source of food in the wild, or Guangdong, Hongkong and other places people love to eat one of the wild animal, not only delicious, nutritional value is very high. Fu Yuanhui wild snake to eat because of the wilderness to survive and was known to the Chinese audience, Baer? In September 19th Greer J low-key appearance in Sichuan ABA county. This time, with his peers, and "the girl" Fu Yuanhui, Robin Li, Fan Zhiyi, et al. Baer is known for standing on the top of the food chain man, his "wild snack" is often worms, ants, spiders, scorpions, bats and mice. In this field the challenge, Baer asked Fu Yuanhui to "eat", he caught a snake, will jilt dizzy after peeling meat directly…… In this process, the snake blood spattered on Fu Yuanhui’s face and mouth, afraid of Fu Yuanhui not only eat snake meat, drink snake blood. Fu Yuanhui later released the micro-blog said, "eat strange things, do a cool thing, very good, I am very satisfied with their own." Reminder: the meat must be cooked while Baer and Fu Yuanhui field eat snake meat, drink snake blood looks cool, but we ordinary people must not eat this, after all, you are not "the girl", more than rafa. It must be cooked before safe to eat. To drink snake blood, eat snake is very unsanitary, must have a certain risk, can cause acute gastroenteritis and parasitic diseases. To survive in the wild, it is one of the important sources of food, can not only fill the stomach, but also rich in nutritional value. The nutritional value of the 1 snake, snake meat containing many kinds of amino acids, including glutamic acid enhance the activity of brain cells, and can relieve the fatigue of human body aspartic acid and other nutrients, is a good food of mental workers. 2, it contains rich nutrients, and cholesterol content is very low, have a certain role in the prevention and treatment of vascular sclerosis, and nourishing skin beauty, regulate the body function of The new supersedes the old. 3, it contained calcium, magnesium and other elements, is a form of fusion protein, and easier to be absorbed by human body. 4, it has strong bones and muscles, invigorating qi and blood, meridian, Qufeng addition disease; beauty, nourish the skin. The last is to remind you, the meat must be cooked!相关的主题文章: