The storm caused more than 600 people in 6 counties and transfer of rainfall center on Zhenping aizi

The storm caused more than 600 people in 6 counties and transfer of rainfall center on heavy rainfall caused   Zhenping; Zhenping county road sinking and cracking.   Zhenping county Shu Ping Town due to heavy rainfall occurs collapse. The health network news (reporter Mao Mingbo) in September 24th 5 until the evening of September 27th, Ankang, Zhenping Langao in 6 counties heavy rain, storm center is located in Huaping Zhenping county, Shu Ping, Zhong Bao, river, three gorge area. As of September 27th, more than 600 people were evacuated. Among them, the rainfall during the Langao county has more than 80 homes for the elderly residents evacuated the city, as of press time no reports of casualties. It is reported that in the period from September 25th to 26, Langao, Ziyang, Zhenping, Hanbin, Pingli, Hanyin counties heavy rain, local heavy rain. Nanjiang River and other rivers caused the flood process of continuous rain, Huaping Zhenping county town of point rainfall reached 259mm, the city’s largest rainfall monitoring sites in the site. Days of heavy rain caused road, Zhenping county embankment was destroyed, some agricultural crops, the disaster situation is statistics. In September 26th 12:35 Health issued a blue rainstorm warning signal, Ankang City flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters issued a timely flood control command and warning information requirements at all levels to do the safe evacuation of personnel in advance, pay attention to prevent flash floods landslides and other secondary geological disasters. Located in the center of the rainstorm in Zhenping county also held an emergency meeting and launched the emergency plan. In Zhenping county to inspect and guide the work of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, deputy mayor Yin Qing and Liao, a field guide to flood control and disaster relief. He asked the Zhenping county to flood relief work, pay close attention to rainfall hydrological geological disaster investigation inspections, to strengthen efforts to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, to ensure the safety of people’s property. According to Ankang City Meteorological Station, the relevant personnel, the precipitation weather process effectively lifted the drought in ankang. According to the latest meteorological data analysis, it is expected that the continuous rain in September 28th, the end of the next 5 days of health to cloudy to sunny. The meteorological department and relevant departments in the library pond water suggestions.相关的主题文章: