The woman left luggage black boss denied machine pick up belongings punyu

The woman left luggage "black" boss denied machine pick up belongings morning news (reporter Bai Binbin correspondent Lin Yijing Sun Ao Wei) is nowhere to find the lost baggage, passengers Liu and Mr. Cao recently very depressed, and they are the black car ride. Recently, the Xiamen railway police to carry out special rectification actions in the XiaMen North Railway Station, Jimei district traffic enforcement brigade, investigate black car soliciting behavior. 9, 13 PM, Xiamen North police station received a report said Liu her passengers, hitting the car in the north station, the results will get off the luggage fall in the car, in addition to 1600 yuan in cash, and ID card, bank card. However, because the car location in the monitoring area, Ms. Liu did not take the black car driver and the license plate information, has yet to find the black car. It happens that there is a similar case。 9 days 20 when Mr. Cao, black car ride from north station, will the luggage fall in the car. Soon, the police through the phone to find Mr. Cao of the black car drivers. However, black car driver denied found Mr. Cao’s luggage in the car, the police did not find the missing items and their residence. Since Mr. Cao can not provide evidence of loss, the case can only be shelved. Like Ms. Liu and Mr. Cao things are not uncommon, therefore, this month 1 days to 30 days, Xiamen railway police station in the special action to crack down on the black car. 10, 2009, the police will be at the entrance of a man who is negotiating with 4 passengers to seize the 8. After examination, the man admitted that he is a black truck driver, charging more than doubled disco. Finally, the man was sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days. It is reported that as of 12, a total of 13 black car driver was sentenced to administrative fines, among them, 1 people were sentenced to administrative detention punishment, yunguanchu also seized 3 black car, and the driver was fined 10 thousand yuan, seized the driving license for 3 to 6 months of punishment. Railway police remind, in the XiaMen North Railway Station south on the eastern side of a taxi arrived, on the west side of BRT, by starting on the eastern side of the footbridge to the bus station, these are the regular operation of vehicles, passengers can rest assured ride. Get off the bus, passengers must pay attention to check baggage, to avoid lost. Do not take the black car is convenient, to avoid unnecessary losses to themselves. >相关的主题文章: