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Through the fire corridor   snitch Zhuantou senior households – Heilongjiang Channel – original title: through the fire corridor snitch Zhuantou high-rise residents live in a high-rise, do not think that the thieves can not sleep, you can sleep without any anxiety. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed in the Public Security Bureau, a special branch of the fire through the high-rise residential burglary suspects. He in half a year, has 33 cases of crime, theft worth more than 30 yuan. This is the first time the city of Harbin through the fire into the high-rise indoor theft cases. A the door was locked 29 residents of the home were stolen in May 29th 17 am, who lives in Daoli District Zijin City District 29 floor of Ms. Zhang came home from work, found the door cannot be opened. To find the master lock to open the door to see the house out of order, 3000 yuan in cash in the cloakroom, a gold ring, a gold necklace, a pair of bracelets and a $150 thousand worth of antique watches take wings to itself. Surveillance video display, the suspect body is thin, less than 1.7 meters tall, wearing a mask when committing the crime. This person would be safe even walking in the corridor box, picked up a sack set at the top, followed by the upper level fire corridor to another unit, take the elevator to escape. B has several high-rise residential burglary involving ten shortly thereafter, another high-rise residents also stolen, lost 22 thousand yuan in cash, 4 gold rings, a necklace. According to police statistics, from April to September, Harbin has occurred more than 30 similar cases more than a dozen high-rise residential. In the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade two squadron four investigators retrieved the surveillance video surrounding a number of cases occurred, after induction, confirm the modus operandi of basically the same, should be the same as the thief. The people close to the high-rise residential building fire corridor of the residents of the home start, first confirm the suspect will knock on the door no one at home, and then cross the fire corridor, residents of the home with a screwdriver to pry open the window. After entering the house, the people will be locked the door, to prevent the owner suddenly back, then looking for prey in the house". C was arrested in September 27th accident crowd quarrel tool, the Yellow River Road, a bathhouse attendant accidentally scalded guests, triggered a dispute, many bathers were watching. Police rushed to the scene for mediation, accidentally found a knife and two fake identity cards in a man’s locker. The police feel strange, waiting for the master control cabinet. After investigation, the man is continuous in high-rise building "air thief crime". Yesterday, the reporter saw in the road public security bureau is being interrogated, 25 year old suspect zhao. Zhao confessed that he was in Suihua, parents are farmers, the early years came to Harbin, by "pestle Da Gang" work force for students. Earlier this year, he went to the back of a high-rise building decoration materials, accidentally discovered through the building outside the fire corridor, the window can be turned into the residents of the home. Then, after the Capitol, specifically through the channel of burglary. In order to avoid the blow, Zhao every time after committing the crime, leaving only cash and gold jewelry, watches, bracelets and other items are thrown into the dustbin. To the time of the incident, Zhao has 33 crimes, involving more than 30 yuan. At present, Zhao has been under criminal detention by the police,相关的主题文章: