Too cute! Japanese media broke the news of her daughter in the live version of March lions (video) exit safe mode

Too cute! Japanese media broke the news of her daughter in the live version of "March" lions "recently the most popular topic is" your name should be. ". Today, the mother Penguin also reported this movie will be the impact of Oscar’s "news for everybody. The day before, the Japanese news media, in the movie "March" little lion actor Xinjin estate is UTI daughter of director Makoto shinkai. After the news broke the net friends said that the original Cheng brother is really · life winner ah. Xinjin estate played in the movie zeta is the Kawamoto Mi sisters in little sister chuanben peach. March "lions" is about the actor Tong mountain zero is a seventeen year old occupation will be small when the player, my parents and my sister was killed in a car accident, his heart traumatized. He was also the father of players will be friends for adoption, because of its amazing talent on the popular Shogi father’s favor, but has been jealous of her own child father, which makes zero become very lonely, no contacts with outsiders. Out of the foster home, started his own life. In March, on the street met Ming, Xiao Tao three sisters, they care to zero to feel the warmth of heart. The slender teenager in the warmth of friends with a person’s loneliness, love wrapped with past lament slowly walking, one day from their bondage come out looking. In fact, Xinjin had already appeared in some UTI estate advertisement. Come and see. Lumira ", and communication with one / 15 seconds and pulp, according to Japanese media reports, the relationship between Xinjin and the UTI estate in Xinjin Shinkai estate company which UTI is well known news. But during the filming. Kamiki Ryunosuke also Makoto Shinkai, hope he can take good care of his daughter at the time of the shooting. So there is a kind of mold is also so many Japanese netizens believe that the little girl is the daughter of Mr. shinkai. At present, has yet to make any response to it. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: