Visitor growth slowed Japan will explore the animation culture to attract tourists misao

Visitors will slow down the growth of Japanese animation culture to attract tourists to the Japanese tourism industry plans to use its popular animated film culture, attracting more tourists. Japan’s major entertainment media group Kadokawa group (KADOKAWA) announced in September 16th, and the Japanese travel agency JTB, Japan Airlines and other enterprises, jointly established "Animation Tourism Association", for the world voted out of Japan 88 "anime Shrine", to attract more tourists to visit japan. Japan’s tourism industry aware of its animation culture may have a driving role in the tourism industry. Japanese animation in 1950s after the Japanese publishing industry has gradually become the main part of the end of 1970s began exporting overseas. Data show that Japan’s comic book market value in 2006 reached 481 billion yen. Its animation culture has spread to all over the world, especially in asia. The association will be in December, through the magazine and web site to collect the location of the animation mecca. The selection of sites in addition to the Japanese version, is also available in English, Chinese, Thai and Malay version. According to the results of the vote, the association and local governments in the region to communicate, plans to announce the 88 anime shrine in 2017". These 88 locations will include field scenes, the story of the cartoon animation studio, exhibition hall, cartoonist. For example, being released in the comic book "your name" in Tokyo Shinjuku and other places may be selected, the scenery, the city’s official website are also used in the movie publicity. There are other possible locations in the "master" dunk actress met in Kanagawa County before crossing the Kamakura, Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli headquarters. In fact, the role of animation has been shown to promote tourism. A lot of Conan fans went to Tottori County town of Conan to visit japan. The cartoon works "with the girls" in the chariot broadcast, attracted many fans to the story, Ibaraki County town. Japan’s two largest airline of Japan Airlines, in September this year on the flight to Shanghai on the body to add the "A dream" painting. In the contest, "Animation Tourism Association will play a coordinating role, as a bridge between regions and animation related businesses to provide copyright and patent application and other aspects of the support, or to provide the successful experience area. Japan’s economic news network reported that some of the animation works in the site, due to copyright issues can not use the work of the development of tourism, or the existence of inadequate publicity. Chairman of the association by the Mobile Suit Gundam director Funo Yuuki served as. Kadokawa Hiko, President of Sichuan Province, stressed that Japan’s sub culture has a huge presence in the world." The latest data show that in August the number of visitors slowed down in japan. According to the statistical data of Japan Tourism Bureau released in September 21st, the number of tourists visit to Japan in August, an increase of 12.8%, increased to 2 million 49 thousand, and in June this year and July respectively in 23% and 19%, the main reason is the economic slowdown in asia. The year of 2015 ushered in more than 20 million overseas tourists in Japan, but this figure and the Japanese government, in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.相关的主题文章: