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"We have come to the" wrap station   Sheenah Joe Chen in table (Figure) – Heilongjiang Channel – people.com.cn original title: "we have come to the" wrap station Sheenah Joe Chen tears table (Figure) Hunan TV, "we have come to the" Eleventh exciting content, the 20:20 will be released on Friday. In this program, the stars of a handsome racing debut, they not only feel the style, but also enjoy the many characteristics of Xinjiang delicacy in the professional drivers, and protection, to experience a return to the desert and hurricane bottom Shabu "". Ending the first phase ", so there are more signs of danger appearing everywhere" how big stimulus waiting for you? Will soon, dinner time we have tears scattered on the scene, what happened on the table? Brilliant, the surprise of the trip is opening Xinjiang. The handsome appearance stars Jingjing experience to help out the characteristics of Xinjiang delicacy eat non-stop in this program, all the guests dressed in overalls and handsome appearance, in the vast expanse of the desert, become a beautiful scenery line. In the beginning, God Goddess who came to the western frontier of antiquity — a hub of Red Pavilion Road, deep desert their excitement and excitement. Here is not only the land Silk Road only place, also in the West now, Captain Wang Han said: "when the Scriptures passed here, Carina Lau was curious and asked:" what can I see Sun Wukong?" A gust of wind blown sand sky, Sheenah shouted: "funny wind, a monster!" The side of Karen Mok clever ground stem ":" would like to!" This is a movie, "Westward Journey" of the classic picture again before, even "Jingjing" also came out, this shows whether there are more surprises? Lunch session, guests finally had enough addiction delicacy, "big stomach king" Sheenah eat mutton eat did not stop, eat "cat" and she eat skewers of elegant sister Ka-ling contrasts the two contrast very cute and adorable. We not only enjoy food, but also made a special grilled Naan, super delicacy to enjoy non-stop, is inviting, just want a taste of the delicious gourmet screen. (Li Zhongshuang, commissioning editor Ding Yang) original title: "we have come to the" wrap station Sheenah Joe Chen tears table (Figure) desert link intense stimulus the sisters kept screaming by this station play enough star debut location is the most famous "mirage" for Shanshan, at first glance, the end of the desert is like a waters. With Wang Han’s voice, "please ask our team!" We are pulled back to reality. I saw eight cars domineering off-road vehicles lined up together, from the mirage in breaking wind, handsome! The stars can not wait to choose their favorite vehicles, a crazy photo of the desert began after the trip. Start after the arrival of the car surfing water protection game is full of humor. Carina Lau Angie Chiu "we strongly recommend two to gracefully go back then gracefully, but two people got on the bus after the collapse of the moment people, all was splashing and screaming. The game is a game of lunch into the game, but four curse, grab the number game is always in the fourth round of deadlock, the game queen Sheenah this time also failed相关的主题文章: