What are the precautions and side effects of painless hair removal marie digby

Freezing point of painless hair removal and side effects which are concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (source: plastic surgeon – high petrel micro-blog) freezing painless hair removal laser can easily cope with various types of skin (especially for the yellow race) and such as facial hair, lip hair, beard, hair hair, armpit hair, hair, legs, arm hair, pubic hair surface excess hair. Pictures from the network to adapt to the position of freezing painless hair removal preoperative preparation before treatment with 1, freezing hair removal depilatory creams, hair removal cream and other cosmetics. To clean bath 2, freezing hair removal before treatment. 3, the United States to the hospital after the best to find a professional doctor. 4, the United States should determine the location and scope of hair removal. Note 1, do not contain acid and A acid make-up and skin care products, the use of mild skin care formula. 2, avoid drinking. 3, do not scrub, alcohol, antiperspirant. 4, do not wear tight clothing or stockings, to keep dry and breathable treatment site. 5, take a bath to avoid hot water in the treatment site, should use warm water. 6, do not carry with sauna and steam bath. 7, avoid infection, try not to swim in the pool or beach. Side effects: first, freezing painless hair removal for some lighter skin color but darker hair crowd, if you have darker skin, form the laser will be damaged skin pigmentation caused by black or white, but in general a few months can be restored to normal. Therefore, in the freezing point of painless hair removal should choose a regular plastic surgery hospital and experienced doctors. Secondly, in the freezing painless hair removal, there are a small number of patients may have temporary skin redness, slightly swollen or with mild skin itching, these are normal reactions, after a few hours can be returned to normal.相关的主题文章: