Wuchang Railway Station next to the underground water station management office will actively improv txplatform

Wuchang Railway Station next to the underground water station management office: will actively improve the underground water. Reporter Yu Li Intern Liu Sihan photo (reporter Intern Intern reporter), the sun is still connected to the underground passage of the Wuchang Railway Station, there is still water, pedestrian travel is very difficult to solve the problem of the people’s Republic of China (), an intern reporter intern reporter intern reporter intern reporter Liu Sihan. The day before yesterday, friends Li Li clearly in the post on the Yangtze River forum to reflect the matter, I hope the relevant departments to resolve as soon as possible. Yesterday, the reporter contacted mr.. He said that this phenomenon is a few days ago when he saw the Wuchang Railway Station, when the underground channel a lot of water. Although the channel paved the plank, but 1 meters wide board in the stream of people such a big place is not enough, I hope the relevant departments to solve the problem of water or wood narrow as soon as possible. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the Wuchang Railway Station near the Zhongshan Road people’s channel to see the water area is located in the middle part of the channel, the water area of about 30 square meters. Water area on the left and right sides were covered with 3 pieces of wood, composed of the two bridges". Reporter observed, because the channel can be directly to the Wuchang Railway Station, many pedestrians out of the station will pass here, underground passage people flow is very large, the "bridge" are often jams. And this "bridge" is a temporary structure, is not smooth, carrying the luggage of people walking on the bridge is very difficult. There are some passengers too troublesome, simply pass through the water, luggage and shoes are splashing a lot of water. Lee said the owner of the store, the underground water has been at least three days, and many passengers and the public are Tucao this matter. Passenger Lee said that he was crossing the bridge, his luggage on the bridge was squeezed down, but also splashed water. Wuchang Railway Station comprehensive management office staff said that due to the long rainy season this year, coupled with the impact may be caused by some construction, some time ago the situation of underground water seepage. At present, the expert is on site to study them, they will take time to repair. In order to facilitate pedestrian travel, they set up the board in this regard, the recommendations for users will actively improve.相关的主题文章: