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X record room: why is Itou Makoto the first man? Two dimensional world looks ordinary actor always still has a bit of skill, or how so many woman have to fall in his pants under the pomegranate. But many men built imperial, with welfare stimulation in front of the computer sound boy students can not waste resources works are numerous, why not shake "on campus" actor Itou Makoto top slag male status? What is what a slag to to make the male anxious to use the kitchen knife to chop his tools tofu curd? Tonight, let the friend of the mother penguin to expose his many crimes! A crime: Crazy innocent girl Guangxi leaf can be said to be the most perfect girls boys in mind, go is the reclusive Miss route, angel face and devil figure, very shy every male between speech and deportment, want to protect her. Itou Makoto and leaf evil started very beautiful, is in the commuter trains you to look at me, I see you a few more eyes. And the other to love is full of silly boys, Ito Cheng took energy-saving photos exist in the mobile phone, and in the same world Xiyuan temple under the help of the flower in full in the animation of the most beautiful flowers picked. After picking Ito Cheng did not cherish the flower, leaf because of lack of a male experience, and Itou Makoto is full of mushroom and milk, can not start he began to get tired of Guangxi leaf, it just can not be Lex playing too boring, turning to the hard work of the world. Two timing Itou Makoto immersed in the world as for the gentle, and not clear to the leaf that break up, continue to be a leaf to witness his intimate scenes with other girl together. Leaf blackening and gradually deceive ourselves before Itou Makoto broke up with her. Tragedy rose to the peak of the time is the leaves in the campus, such as bitter sacrifice to Ito to find himself, but finally saw him and the world to establish the relationship between lovers. Even more pathetic is that a leaf in the delirious case was Itou Makoto’s gay friend losea down. While Ito Cheng is the world woman spurned by the case, leaf still choose to return to him, solve his physical problems, his car is not trouble ticket…… Finally, ye ye can always have Ito (head)! Two crimes: the car less ticket who call in a cartoon look pleasing to the eye of the actor, saionji world irrevocably in love with Ito cheng. In order to meet Ito sincere desire to help him catch up with the world a leaf, for his love for him to give advice and suggestions, shame of special training, put yourself unreservedly to him. So, in the case of the world muddle along without any aim from the good gay friend became a mistress. Although Itou Makoto object more and more, but the world is convinced that he will always stay around. As with Itou Makoto the longest time most of the woman, the lack of scientific and reasonable preventive measures plus, only 15 years old, accidentally hit the world. The 15 year old mother’s high school students in the helpless but with a touch of joy to find the same situation, is the father of 15 years of high school students. Itou Makoto did not think the moment turned to blame the world you accidentally was pregnant with the baby, and the baby should not say anything in front of the students, and the other woman when he is the God of plague]相关的主题文章: