Xi’an in the first half of the university graduates issued 127 million 670 thousand yuan loan (videodarren hayes

The first half of Xi’an issued a total of 127 million 670 thousand yuan loan for college graduates. The newspaper news (reporter Wangjia) Xi’an Municipal Audit Bureau of Xi’an city before 2016 to promote the employment of college graduates entrepreneurial work to carry out the implementation of the audit. Audit results show that the Xi’an municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the employment and Entrepreneurship of College graduates. The policy system of employment and Entrepreneurship of college graduates has been further improved. To carry out the investigation of the employment of college graduates leave school registration and employment assistance work within the scope of Xi’an city established college graduates registration and statistics system, set up training base 379, public welfare jobs underpinning placement of 4526 College students. To provide high-quality services for college graduates’ employment and entrepreneurship, and actively operate the loan fund for college graduates’ starting an undertaking. From 1 to July, 1167 loans and 127 million 670 thousand yuan of college graduates’ entrepreneurial loans were issued, and 1579 college students were trained. At present, Xi’an has set up 20 professional guidance service institutions, 21 entrepreneurs volunteer team, to carry out entrepreneurship services. (Shaanxi Metropolis Daily) Note: video only extended reading. 6.3% of college graduates choose Entrepreneurship

西安上半年共发放高校毕业生创业贷款12767万元  本报讯(记者王嘉)西安市审计局日前对西安市2016年促进高校毕业生就业创业工作开展落实情况进行了审计。审计结果表明,西安市委、市政府十分重视高校毕业生就业创业工作。   高校毕业生就业创业的政策体系得到进一步完善。开展离校未就业高校毕业生调查登记和就业援助工作,在西安市范围内建立了高校毕业生登记与统计制度,共设立见习基地379家,公益性岗位托底安置大学生4526名。切实为高校毕业生就业创业提供优质服务;积极运作高校毕业生创业贷款基金。1—7月发放高校毕业生创业贷款1167笔12767万元,完成大学生创业培训1579人。目前,西安市已组建专业的创业指导服务机构20家,创业专家志愿团队伍21个,开展创业服务工作。(三秦都市报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 6.3%的高校应届毕业生选择创业相关的主题文章: