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Zhang Luyi: filming fattening 20 pounds of life is the "Inaction" of the laity – Beijing artist Zhang Luyi stills with Beijing September 18 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Lou Xiao) recently, Zhang Luyi starred in the Spy Drama "sparrow" is Hunan TV hit, he played the Bi Zhongliang artful work, extremely cruel and merciless. A change in the past use unscrupulous divisive tactics, and the way he plays with Li Yifeng’s deep love to kill Chen, family drama disputes is to let the audience hooked. Recently, Zhang Luyi told Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter’s interview, shared the shooting "sparrow" behind the scenes story, more self evaluation: "in life, I was a layman with you, also have no idol burden the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures." Although the "sparrow" of Bi Zhongliang is a dogged Henla villain in the eyes of the audience, Zhang Luyi insisted that the villain played as a person, not a bad guy. He revealed that Bi Zhongliang, on the one hand to his wife, Chen is very warm, one side of the face of the enemy is very cruel, these two look great contrast state, in fact, not everyone in our lives? On different occasions, in the face of different people in different aspects of their performance, "people are multi-faceted, the actor is to play the character of three-dimensional." Zhang Luyi stills artist Bi Zhongliang in the play because of party life, powerful, have their own car and house, close to the script and the role, Zhang Luyi insisted to adjust their posture, for the role of fattening 20 pounds, this is a painful weight than for not easy fat physique he, "only a little bit fat, play when you look in a mirror to believe that he is Bi Zhongliang, after the broadcast is also quite effective, meat toot face. But to gain weight than suffering much, if there are only two options, support dead or starve to death, I would rather choose to starve to death". Since the "sparrow" since its launch, a lot of careful users found in many roles not actors soundtrack, especially Li Yifeng’s deep voice of Chen, and not on the mouth, with the Spy Drama atmosphere some molimen. Even friends Tucao "voice has been broadcasting cavity, also slow, too much play, why to use the voice?" In this regard, Luyi Zhang insists on using his voice, hope to be able to complete the character, he also modestly quipped, "even if the character is not good, which afraid of being scolded, anyway, is called me. Don’t blame people with bad voice." Zhang Luyi stills artist provided in fact, many of the audience to "sparrow" and before the hit Spy Drama "the pretender" link, two brothers play emotional drama similar also unavoidably lets the audience compared. In this regard, Zhang Luyi said, "the pretender" is certainly a good drama, a win-win situation has been made in the ratings and reputation, if we can put our people after the broadcast, and "the pretender" put together in it, is a very happy thing. "Li Yifeng and the life of the play, is like two brothers, at home to eat a meal, drink, chat, this is my favorite." About this time with little meat Li Yi)相关的主题文章: