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Zhang Xiaolu: Spanish zipper ball lost angry coach Genbao laughed the rest of the day, the Chongming team (Shanghai national football Genbao B team) have arrived in Spain’s second warm-up matches, held in this season in the game is still the temporary home court Ping Natta football base, the opponent is a class a U18 team in Murcia province. "The last time we had just arrived, won the Murcia Province United, which makes Mu football feel lose face, this time to pick the opponent, belonging to the province an occupation club, and is a cross age, which is part of our big players than 1-2 years old, standing on the field to their child significantly a large, stout like adults, we have only the rest of the day, the strength is obviously inferior……" According to the requirements of every Tuesday, Genbao, four warm-up match (because most participants in the Spanish Youth League rivals a weekend, and the weekend game task, because before doing well) there are some reports in the Spanish media, attracted enough attention to the opponent’s game to fight. The first half part of the opponent sent lineup, or want to sound foundation, Chongming players a total of only 20 people went to a point, the 5 echelon of small age, can play only 16 people, no rotation, but to the first half of 1, the ratio of 1. The second half of the main rival elite battle, Chongming children do their best or even lost two ball, eventually lost more than 3 1. As the team coach 1000 Dayuan game very depressed, angry at present failed to fully display their offensive strength, but look at the scene after Xu Genbao has expressed recognition: "since I left Chongming until now, they were training stage of a race close in 1000 guide lead, now has obvious progress! This is a Murcia Football Association should be my request, send the strength of a strong opponent, because their team won the first game, this time they sent a few main age are large, the body is very strong, but our team still dares dare to rob, a confrontation, I am satisfied!" Then, give players a coach Genbao special "reward": "I accept the Catalonia Lunya Football Association invited the team to Barcelona next week, the first on Tuesday and Catalonia Lunya area U18 team to play a game, and then we contacted the club of Barcelona, not much difference in the Wednesday Night Live Watch the Barcelona on the home court of Atletico Madrid’s La liga." The team after hearing the news overjoyed…… In addition, Beijing time this morning, the second division league team B Lorca away 1 0 Lectra Grenada B team, get the new season first away win. Chongming disciple all go away after the game, coach Yang Guanfu said: "the feeling is very deep, and there is a big difference China football…… But we are not disappointed, as long as each of us engaged in football all together, there is always one day will take up Chinese football!" Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view and does not represent the position of sina相关的主题文章: